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Research paper writing

Research Paper and Term Paper

Getting an academic qualification starts with your effort to know things that are taught in class. It is the level of hard work that you inject in your learning in times of hours and how quick you get the concepts. Writing a term paper is a rite of passage and so is submitting a research paper. Both are papers that will carry an integral mark of your overall grade. You hardly have a choice, but to do all it takes to pass. However, you must have thorough knowledge of what each paper entails. This is because research papers carry a different set of details from term papers though you will write term papers under research papers.


Definition and Details of a Research Paper

A research paper denotes an academic paper that is written at high school and college level for factual and objective reasons. It could a new invention through a pre-defined topic or a twist or development of an existing research done by a certain author. A research paper carries all the literature that you can find for your topic accompanied by a thorough interpretation of your ideas and viewpoints. You are required to acknowledge the contributions of authors through defined citations and referencing styles.

How to Write Research Papers

Writing a research papers calls for an organization of thoughts. This way, you are will yield a paper that has thoughts, research and findings that are coherently linked from the start to the end.

  1. Identify or come up with a topic-preparing research papers in high school and college involves choosing a topic that interests you. Come up with a topic that is in line with your course but that arouses motivation from you.
  2. You should ensure that there is enough material to support your viewpoints with regards to the research paper topic. There must be room for fresh opinions and uniqueness. Your paper should be an avenue for solving a certain problem in your area of specialization.
  3. Writing a good research papers calls for sustenance of originality. Don’t write a paper that every other student is talking about or presenting in class. It reduces your chances of scoring high. If need be, change, your topic accordingly.
  4. When you have time, seek advices from your tutor or students who have handled such academic writing before.
  5. Do your empirical research in books, articles and journals and cite them accordingly. Don’t forget to use internet pages and online databases to add value to your paper.
  6. It is important to annotate your paper and write an outline before embarking on writing the final copy.

Term Papers and Their Preferred Structure

A term paper refers to academic research paper written by college and high school students as part of coursework. They carry the largest part of the term grade. You argue a point, present a concept and describe an event in a term paper.

Term papers have a defined structure that must be followed all the time.

  • Introduction-here, you present your topic to the reader. Have a brief overview of what the topic is all about. Coin a thesis statement within the introduction to guide your readers on the perspective that the entire paper is going to take.
  • Body-choose two or three points and explain them in details in different paragraphs. They should refer and remain within the limits of your thesis statement.
  • Conclusion-this is the last part of your term paper. You must restate your thesis statement and summarize the details you have presented in the body paragraphs. Leave the readers with a clincher in form of a question or statement.

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